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Oxford Distance Education access offers distance learning courses from Level 2 Diplomas and GCSEs through to Level 5 Diplomas and foundation degrees. This means we do not have physical premises for students to attend so all courses are accessed online.

Oxford Distance Education provides students with the most comprehensive learning materials and support them in fulfilling their academic aims. Oxford Distance Education offers students a flexible approach to learning which makes education accessible to those who prefer to be in control of their studies.

About Distance Learning

Now students use our online learning environment to access the course study materials and to contact their tutor; which means you don’t need to worry about delays and can access your tutor or materials anywhere – at any time.

There are no deadlines given for homework or is there an issue of class timetables, so you can study in your own time, when it suits you. Distance learning requires students to be self motivated, which will help to aim for high grades.

Our student services team and tutors offer support and guidance throughout the course, and as soon as students enroll they are given their study materials and helpful documents.

Tutor Support

Since our courses are conducted online; our tutors are available online also to offer high levels of support and guidance throughout the course by attending to and answering students’ queries and to mark assignments. For call and emails we have Student Services department team to handle that. All this is in place to make sure you are supported every step of the way.

Whether you are accustomed to distance learning or are considering it for the first time, talk to us today for advice about any of our distance learning courses.

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