Examination Centres

Find a Suitable Examination Centre to Sit Your Exams

Students who will enrol on GCSEs or A-Levels courses will need to select an Examination Centre where they can sit their upcoming examinations. Examination Centres can be local schools or community colleges that accept private students to sit exams. The student will need to find a suitable Examination Centre once he is enrolled on a A-Levels or Fast Track A-Level course as a distance learner.

You are advised to select your Examination Centre in January of the year you are looking to sit the exam. It means if you are looking to sit your exam in May/June 2020, you should find your Examination Centre in January 2020. To get the best deal, consider purchasing your examination early. Choosing an Examination Centre just before the examination could cost you more.

Students who recently left school or are doing resits can consider contacting their old school to see if they can fit them in as a private candidate at a lower price. Oxford Distance Education strives to make sitting GCSE and A-Level examinations as smooth and stress-free as possible for students. We can help you find Examination Centres near you.

Do you have any questions about Examination Centres? Get in touch with us. Our friendly support team will answer your queries as soon as possible.