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Fast Track A-Level Business

-- Liam Scullion

-- A level

I first came across Oxford Distance Education when searching for distance education providers on Google. After reading the reviews and going through the course details, I decided to enrol with them. And it was really one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in life. They provided course materials immediately after enrolment. All materials were very detailed and easy-to-follow. I could confirm my knowledge by answering questions at the end of each unit. Also, the tutor support was excellent. An expert tutor was there to provide me with feedback and grade my assessments. Everything was smooth and hassle-free.

Everything, from the course material to the learning environment, was impeccable. The best thing is that unlike many other distance learning courses, courses offered by Oxford Distance Education are very affordable. I thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience with them. I am looking forward to doing more courses with Oxford Distance Education. I would recommend them to anyone looking to achieve their professional goals.

Level 3 Accounting Diploma

-- James Graham

-- C level

I have recently completed my Level 3 Diploma with Oxford Distance Education. And from my personal experience, I can safely say that Oxford Distance Education is really the best platform I’ve ever used to gain work-based skills. The course was very interesting and informative. It allowed me to study at my own pace. All course materials were provided upon enrolment. Also, my tutor was very helpful. He would e-mail my results along with his feedback very quickly.

I am really impressed with Oxford Distance Education. I could not be happier with the learning experience. I am going to enrol on my next course with them soon. I would highly recommend Oxford Distance Education courses to anyone and everyone.

Dementia Care Short Course

-- Greig Laing

-- B Level

I am a healthcare professional who cares for people suffering from Dementia. After some research via the internet, I enrolled on the Dementia Care short course with Oxford Distance Education. I have learnt a lot about Dementia care from the course.

This course gave me an opportunity to expand my knowledge to a great degree. The support I received from my tutor was excellent. They provided me with all the relevant materials soon after I enrolled on the course.

I enjoyed the experience very much and have already recommended them to my friends. I want to thank both my tutor and the whole Oxford Distance Education team.

Business Consultancy Short Course

-- Simon Lowndes

-- A+ Level

My journey with Oxford Distance Education began when I enrolled on the Business Consultancy short course after a friend recommended them to me. I started studying in November and have found the course so interesting so far.

I must say that the tutor support is excellent. My tutor always responds to my questions quickly. The best thing is that they provide all course materials online. It means there’s no waste of time on postage.

I am looking forward to starting my own consultancy business upon completion of the course. Also, I am thinking of doing more courses at Oxford Distance Education. I would highly recommend their courses to anyone and everyone.

Diet + Nutrition Short Course

-- Julie Prosser

-- A Level

am studying Diet and Nutrition short course at Oxford Distance Education. It is my first time studying by distance education. The best thing about distance learning is that it allows students to study at their own pace. Also, I can study from the comfort of my home. However, motivation is important when studying from home.

I was a bit tensed at the time of enrolling in the course. But everything went smoothly. They provided me with all the course materials upon enrolment. The module is very informative. My tutor has always been helpful in answering my questions.

I want to start my own health business in the future. I am looking forward to continuing my study with Oxford Distance Education courses. I would recommend them to anyone looking to upgrade their skills in a particular field.

Level 3 Diplomas

-- Lucas Adams

-- C Level

I have successfully completed 2 Level 3 Diplomas with Oxford Distance Education. I have had a great student experience. The enrolment process was very smooth. I received my course materials within an hour. I found the materials detailed and interesting. The thing I liked the most is that I could complete the courses at my own pace. The tutor support was also excellent. My tutor always responded to my questions within a few hours. They really made studying from home a completely stress-free experience for me.

I would strongly recommend Oxford Distance Education to anyone looking to advance his knowledge.

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